Photographing weddings is a special thing, and so far I've been lucky to photograph a dozen or so of them. I have developed a deep respect for professional wedding photographers, as I've experienced the task can be rather hard and there is little room for error if you want to do it right. And since I only do it for a hobby, "my" couples have always heard the huge disclaimer stating that "I don't do albums", "There are no guarantees for good pictures", etc. The times I've done it so far were great fun, though, and a nice way to spend the wedding day rather closely with the couples. In case you are interested and getting married soon I'll probably have to disappoint you: I restrict myself to close friends and family only, as photography is really just a hobby and my rule of thumb is that I have to know at least around 25% of the wedding guests. Also, my "dayjob" pays for the equipment; the low revenues of a semi-professional photographer being offered "some pay for it" really just don't cover the equipment you need.

Love Inside (Seckin & Zeynep)
Peter & Ivette II
Peter & Ivette
Marcel & Debbie
Anke & Daan
Wim & Carola II
Wim & Carola
Sebastiaan & Rozemarie
Trouwfeest Frank & Nancy
Frank & Nancy
Mariette & Michiel
Frits & Marielke
Pim en Maike
Rick en Moniek II
Rick en Moniek
Dennis & Suzanne
Christa & Arnaud II
Christa & Arnaud
Marisa & Wanja